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NAS Version History



Version History



    2.3.3, Release Date 05/16/08

    • Fixed error resulting from contaminant names longer than 15 characters
    • Fixed error potentially resulting from certain Co-mingled source configurations
    • Fixed error in Redox Indicators being pre-selected when starting a new project, if an existing project had been previously loaded
    • TOS mathematical model has been revised (to be described in future publication)
    • SEAM3D has been updated with MODFLOW2000v1.17.01 and MT3DMSv5.20
    • Increased previous SEAM3D NAPL source size limitation, allowing NAS to model significantly larger source areas
    • Streamlined the TOR module in allowing simulation of zero NAPL mass (i.e. TOR based solely on attenuation of initial aqueous contaminant concentration)
    • Fixed error in displaying TOR output in 'Data and Results Tabular Summary' Form if 'TOR Tabular and Graphical Output' Form was not also visible

    2.2.0, Release Date 01/02/06

    • Upgraded SEAM3D to the latest fortran version: reduced TOR simulation times
    • Revised code to reduce memory requirements
    • Revised code to increase efficiency in post-processing TOR C. vs T. data
    • Modified user interface during TOR sims to improve multi-tasking with other Windows programs while TOR sims are running

    2.1.1, Release Date 10/10/05

    • Expanded user input in the TOS section: user may now enter the TSC after a source reduction to determine the concentration at the POC
    • Fixed error in TOR section where decay rate range values were sometimes used instead of best estimate values in the SEAM3D calculation
    • Fixed error in TOR C vs. T graph where ground water velocity range values were incorrectly labelled in the graph legend

    2.0.0, Release Date 06/08/05

    • See NAS User's Manual for revision information

    1.3.0, Release Date 06/24/03

    • Fixed error resulting in incorrect initial concentrations being specified for the SEAM3D simulation when using chlorinated ethenes
    • Fixed SEAM3D error: When TCE was the parent compound, the chlorinated ethene species either wasn't dissolving from the NAPL or dissolving with incorrect parameters.

    1.2.2, Release Date 06/03/03

    • Fixed form resizing error with Site Data form
    • Improved ease of data entry in well tables
    • Sulfate-reduction threshold value changed from 0.2 to 2.0
    • Fixed error in TOS section when source reduction well is not in first zone
    • Improved ease of data entry in TOR section
    • Fixed error that sometimes caused *.nas data file corruption after using the TOR section

    1.2.1, Release Date 02/10/03

    • Fixed/revised Tutorials section
    • Improved information and format in View Data and Results section
    • Fixed error resulting from specifying only BD/NS for certain species
    • Fixed error in TOR - Solutions Options Tab for properly reading in % of NAPL Mass
    • Improved operation of TOS section when simulated source wells are not the first well
    • General improvements to user interface

    1.2.0, Release Date 07/30/02

    • Fix to properly clear all parameters when starting/opening a project over an existing one
    • Fix to properly validate user input in Site Data - Hydrogeology Tab
    • Fixed error in TOR - NAPL residual saturation calculation
    • Created Tutorials button to link to tutorial/demo files
    • Linked Help button to Users Guide
    • Improved file operations and prompting for starting, opening, and saving projects

    1.1.0, Release Date 05/27/02

    • Amended site input to include total porosity as well as effective porosity, and adjusted appropriate equations
    • Fix to eliminate the possibility of a graphical error in transient solution of TOS calculations
    • Fix for TOS - steady-state solution graph to accept changes to the distance axis
    • Fix to properly adjust axis spacing when changing to and from Log scale on graphs
    • Improved TOR Calculation pop-up window to provide user more information on status of calculation

    1.0.0, Release Date 05/06/02

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